Scaling Swiss SaaS with the Right Metrics and Funding


In the current volatile environment, it is critical to keep accurate financials and metrics. Whether to engage with investors or to manage the company, having solid financial management and tracking the right metrics can be the difference between surviving and not.

During this webinar, we hosted the #1 SaaS CFO, Ben Murray. Ben is the go-to person when it comes to building, understanding, and managing SaaS metrics. With more than 50,000 subscribers, Ben shares his knowledge and resources via TheSaaSCFO.com.

Watch our recorded session where Ben will walk us through the right SaaS P&L structure and the metrics that every SaaS founder and CFO should be tracking these days. Afterward, Rafael Karamanian, partner at Lendity, shared how Swiss SaaS can successfully scale by accessing non-dilutive, flexible, and long-term growth capital without losing control.




  • Introduction
  • SaaS P&L and Metrics for Scaling – Ben Murray – 30 minutes
  • Growth Capital for Scaling Swiss SaaS – Rafael Karamanian – 15 minutes
  • Wrap-up


What: SaaS P&L, Metrics, and Funding for Swiss SaaS

When: September 25th, 2023 - 4 pm CET

Duration: 45 minutes

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  • The Saas Metrics Framework
  • The 4 Common Mistakes
    • SaaS P&L Framework
    • Chart of Accounts
    • Department Coding
    • Revenue Recognition
  • Pillar #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 Mistakes
  • Resources
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