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Introduction to Buy Now, Pay Later "BNPL"

The technological developments of the last few years are continuously pushing the transformation of many business models, even the most traditional ones. Nowadays, an increasingly larger portion of consumer lending is taking place at the point of sale. As part of the Lendity Educational Series, we would like to bring an easy way of explaining what Buy Now, Pay Later is.


4th Swiss Lending Conference by Lendity and SIX


Point of Sale Lending in eCommerce


4th Swiss Lending Conference by Lendity and SIX


The Evolution of Credit Card Receivables

4th Swiss Lending Conference by Lendity and SIX


Private Debt During COVID

4th Swiss Lending Conference by Lendity and SIX


The Rise of Swiss Ecosystems and Platforms

4th Swiss Lending Conference by Lendity and SIX


Why Embedded Finance and Ecosystems are the Next Evolution in Lending?


4th Swiss Lending Conference by Lendity and SIX


Welcome and Opening Remarks

Lendity Webinar
Developing a new digital lending platform within an incumbent bank: key4 by UBS

Join us for a conversation with Matteo Bernardoni, Head Lending Platforms at UBS, and hear the experience, challenges and opportunities encountered while building key4, the new digital lending platform for owner-occupied residential properties by UBS. Hosted by Rafael Karamanian, Partner at Lendity AG.

Lendity Webinar
Digitalization of SME lending and impact in the COVID-19 context

Learn how Credit Suisse leverages the latest technology to remain relevant in the digital lending era and in the context of COVID-19. Guest: Marcelo Victoria, Head Lending Journeys at Credit Suisse. Host: Rafael Karamanian, partner at Lendity

3rd Swiss Lending Conference by Lendity and SIX

The 2019 Swiss Lending Conference took place on May 6th 2019 and its theme was the digitalization and use of artificial intelligence in lending.


Alternative Lending: Asset Class Characteristics

Allocation to alternative lending has experienced a significant increase among institutional investors. In this white paper we aim to systematically evaluate these characteristics and compare them with other, similar assets.

2nd Alternative Lending Conference by Lendity and SIX

The Swiss Alternative Lending Conference was back at its second edition with more content, more speakers and a superb location. We covered the developments in the Marketplace Lending industry, both in Switzerland and Globally, as well as the most attractive current opportunities in the space. For the first time, we featured the leading alternative lenders in the Real Estate vertical


Introduction to Marketplace Lending

Investing in consumer credit, SME (Small and Medium Enterprises), and real estate loans have traditionally been reserved for large institutions and banks. Since the last decade companies combining finance and technology have created a digital credit marketplace that allows for investment in these loans. More than USD 180,000 million has been lent through these platforms with returns of 6% to 18% annually, depending on the risk, vertical, and duration.

This white paper describes how alternative lending platforms work, as well as their growth and future potential.

1st Alternative Lending Conference by Lendity and SIX

Lendity and SIX hosted the first Alternative Lending Conference in Switzerland for professional investors, financial advisors, family offices and institutional investors. This was an opportunity for the financial industry to learn about peer-to-peer lending, marketplace lending, crowdlending, balance sheet lending, their risks and opportunities. Over 10 key industry leaders from Switzerland and around the globe spoke at the conference.

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