Helping founders grow  preserving equity .

Flexible growth loans for Swiss tech scaleups.


Mountain small

Extend Runway

Hit new KPIs and milestones to raise at better terms later

Reach Profitability

Bridge your funding needs until fully profitable

Accelerate Growth

Take advantage of market and growth opportunities

Execute on M&A

Seize inorganic growth opportunities


"Speed was critical for us to keep the focus on our growth momentum. Thanks to Lendity’s solution, we could close long-term growth financing while maintaining full flexibility."
Philip Schoch, Apiax CEO & Co-founder


The most Founder-friendly growth capital available for the Swiss tech industry.


Is Lendity Growth for me?

Lendity Growth is typically a good fit for growing tech-enabled businesses.

  • Growth momentum
  • Healthy margins
  • Client diversification
  • Low churn
  • Not overindebted

Sources of Capital Comparison


Lendity Growth

Bank Loan

Venture Capital

Structured as: Debt Debt Equity
Company profile:   Scalable and growing business Asset heavy Homerun potential with high-cash burn
Company stage: From scale-up From profitability From pre-seed
Product-Market Fit: Post Post From pre-product (idea stage)
Revenue stage: Post and no client concentration Post and no client concentration From pre-revenues
Guarantees: Limited to the company’s assets Company’s and often personal guarantee Non-compete, vesting, anti-dilution, liq preference, bad leaver
Capital committed duration:                                 Up to 5 years, committed Normally credit line, banks can cancel any month Until exit
Control: No financial covenants Several and rigid financial covenants Board seat, limitations and obligations via shareholder agreement
Dilution: None None Significant
Repayments: Flexibility on payments and amortization frequency Monthly Exit
Funding speed: 2-4 weeks 8-24 weeks Up to 12 months (if closed)
Cost of capital: Low to mid Low High
Business support: Regular, only on demand None Regular, on good times
Exit need: No No Yes

Frequently Asked Questions  

1What is Lendity Growth?
Lendity Growth is a long-term funding solution used for growth purposes.
2How is Lendity Growth structured?
Lendity Growth is structured as a loan, comes with no dilution and no personal guarantees.
3How is the loan paid back?
The loan can be structured with different payback options. We will walk you through it during the process.
4What is the tenor of Lendity Growth?
Because we believe in the value creation of long-term projects, our loans can be granted with a tenor of up to 5 years.
5What loan sizes are adequate for Lendity Growth?
Companies using Lendity Growth should get a facility that can be paid back with the generated growth, that is why having healthy margins is important. The normal loan size is a 3x to 6x multiple of monthly revenues, although it can increase in cases of very high-margin companies.
6For what company stage is Lendity Growth ideal?
We encourage companies to apply after they found product-market fit and its client base is diversified.
7Is there a minimum revenue level to apply for Lendity Growth?
Lendity Growth starts to make sense when monthly recurring revenues are at least CHF 50'000.
8How should the loan proceeds be used?
Lendity Growth is a financing tool to help companies continue growing on their terms. Therefore, the loan proceeds should be used for growth-related activities, including client acquisition and fulfillment, business development, marketing, inventory, geographic expansion, or any other growth-focused initiative.
9Do I need to provide a personal guarantee?
No. We don’t require external guarantees as the loan is done to the company itself, which will need to provide a first security interest over its assets.
10How fast can you fund a transaction?
We have seen founders and management spend a lot of time raising funds and we believe this time could be better spent building products and acquiring customers. Once we receive the complete application, we aim to close and fund the transaction in less than 4 weeks.