Investment Solutions for Alternative and Private Debt

institutional-grade access to high quality consumer and SME loans

Why Alternative Lending & Private Debt?

Risk-adjusted Returns

In a low-yield environment, P2P can offer stable, predictable, risk-adjusted returns. P2P investments offer average annual returns of between 5% and 6%. Investors can achieve upwards of 10% annually, depending on their appetite for risk.

Efficient Asset Class

Offering credit as an investment has been around for centuries. Credit assessment is now new. P2P providers have innovated by offering an efficient, low-costing method of accessing credit investment.


P2P investments are not listed on an exchange, meaning the performance of assets are not correlated to stock market volatility. P2P assets are likely to perform better during an economic downturn in comparison to equities or bonds.


P2P lending allows investors to diversify into an alternative asset class. Some of the largest P2P providers auto-diversify investors' capital across a large number of borrowers, increasing their exposure, and reducing the risk of borrower default.

How it Works?

Lendity connects the alternative lending platforms with professional investment managers using cost-effective investment solutions.

Why Lendity?

Specialized Focused Manager

Lendity is a specialized manager in alternative lending and private debt.

Experienced Team and Advisors

Leaders in the investment management, risk management and lending space are part of the Lendity team.

Empowered by Unique Partners

Lendity is currently empowered by a top-notch network of partners who supported the development of Lendity and the refinement of its products.

Incubated by Industry Leaders

SIX, Julius Bar and PwC have been supporting Lendity since its origins.

Connecting Lenders Globally

Lendity creates cost-efficient capital market instruments for global investors.

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